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We help organizations and professionals to optimally use their happiness potential.
Because: happy professionals are more productive, more creative, more social, healthier and are burnout-resistant.

Getting happier starts with understanding what makes you happy. CHAP Happiness Institute provides this insight as a start of your own journey, and to guide others on their path to happiness.
We select the best tools and solutions to reach your maximum happiness potential.

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For Whom?

Organizations that invest in:

  • Sustainable employability (including prevention of burnouts)
  • Happiness in the workplace
  • Employer Branding
Patrick van Hees

Patrick van Hees is the happiness expert of The Netherlands

Patrick is speaker, writer and coach in the field of happiness. He has been researching happiness for more than 12 years. Cambridge has become his source of inspiration. Here he graduated, he writes his books and it is the destination of study trips.

Patrick van Hees
Patrick is an ambassador for: habitat

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