Ensuring work happiness for tomorrow

Everyone wants to be happy. Both at home and at work, the feeling of happiness has a major impact on the people’s functioning. Many organisations therefore invest in the happiness of their employees. That goes beyond job satisfaction, because several factors influence how we feel. Becoming happier therefore depends on understanding what makes you happy. We help organisations maximise the happiness potential of their employees, using the Cambridge Happiness Profiler (CHAP®). The CHAP® is a scientifically based test, with a personal Happiness Report. This proven effective method has been embraced by many innovative companies and institutions. Find out why.

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Happy employees are more productive, loyal and healthier

Organisations that invest in the power of happiness:

  • have less absenteeism and burnouts
  • increase their turnover
  • perform better
  • gain in competitiveness

CHAP® Cambridge Happiness Profiler