CHAP® Cambridge Happiness Profiler

The online CHAP®-Test is based on the well-known C.A.R. theory for a happy life. C.A.R. stands for Connections, Actions and Recharge. The test results come in a personal CHAP® Happiness Report. This provides insight into your score on the three main branches and 28 underlying happiness predictors. The happiness predictors are based on scientific research and recommendations from international experts. The CHAP® explains 84% ​​of the differences in happiness between people. In practice, it appears that everyone with the CHAP® is able to reflect on their life and happiness, from intern to CEO.

D.O.M theorie

Why the CHAP®?

  • Insight into sources of happiness and growth areas
  • Score comparison with thousands of test results
  • Personal Happiness Report for each participant
  • Tips about happiness promotions in line with happiness profiles
  • It has a scientific basis
  • The CHAP® Happiness Report is unique in the world!