Personal happiness
and happiness at work go
hand in hand

The CHAP® maps happiness

When are you happy? What affects it? How do you retain it? Everyone is looking for ways to become happier. But happiness works differently for everyone. It's a very personal emotion. Only when you know which factors play a role, you can work on your happiness. The CHAP® Happiness Institute offers this self-insight with the online CHAP® Test. Each participant will receive a CHAP® Happiness Report afterwards. The clear, fun-to-read report provides a complete picture of your own happiness profile. Based on three building blocks and 28 underlying happiness predictors, you can see how your happiness is built up and where there are areas for improvement. The happiness predictors are evidence / theory based and have a scientific framework.

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Knowing where you stand

The CHAP® Happiness Report compares your scores to thousands of others who took the CHAP® test. You will immediately receive personal suggestions and tips on how to better utilise your happiness potential. If you want, you can request a personal coaching session about your report.

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CHAP® Happiness Report

Unique personal report. Digital or bound deluxe edition.

Happiness and success

The CHAP® is offered by innovative employers who want to promote the happiness of their employees. Happy employees think more positively about themselves and the world around them, are more successful, more stress-resistant, more social and ill less often. CHAP® is not only nice to receive, it also has a positive business impact. This makes everyone happy.

Your Happiness Report is unique and confidential

The CHAP® Happiness Report is yours alone. Your employer, our client, cannot see it. We will also never share your personal information with third parties. This can only be done by yourself and on your own initiative. However, data can be used for further research, but completely anonymous.